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Larissa Choma providing the much needed advice to Models

Models all cross the world need advice regarding their habits, poses and above all attitude. Larissa Choma has been quite active in grooming and advising experienced and novice models. Over the years, Larissa Choma’s expectations about other people have changed. Larissa used to believe that models understood the basic rules for every photo shoot. Each year, Larissa was more surprised when models came on the scene without any preparation. This is surprising in some ways, but not in other ways. Each of these categories must be addressed for the model to be considered a serious contender for any modeling contract.

Larissa Choma
Larissa Choma Model

Grooming Habits

Every model should consider her grooming to be the essential preparation activity for every shoot.

• Nails on hands and feet should be clean and trimmed. Nail polish colors should comply with the photographer’s suggestions.
• The legs should be clean shaven.
• Facial hair must be plucked.
• Guy models should be neatly groomed, including hair, beard and nails, unless the photographer wants a rugged look.

Practice Poses

Consider the photo shoot setting, background and props. Practice in front of a mirror. Develop some unique responses to the anticipated photographer instructions. Imagine the events of the following day and develop some interesting poses. Smiles and body movements should work together in a natural flow that can be captured on film. Use every ounce of charisma and never be shy.

Be Prompt

Few legitimate excuses for tardiness are acceptable in the real world. A photographer will schedule every detail around a shoot to work like a well-oiled clock. Tardy models can be eliminated from the shoot entirely. Arrive 10 minutes early as a standard practice to be the model who wants to be taken seriously and offered additional work. Hair and makeup artists will appreciate having access to models for final preparations just before the shoot begins.

What to Bring

Photographers appreciate models who show up on time with a selection of clothing for the shoot. Mixing and matching multiple outfits will allow the photographer to include each model in various shots. Clashes in color can be addressed when each model has options in the available wardrobe.

Female models must remember to bring:
• Favorite makeup components including foundation, powder, eyeliner and eye shadow
• Small towel
• Baby wipes
• Something to drink
• Snacks, including fruit for energy
• Hair products that work especially well

Male models should bring all of the above and a razor and shaving foam. The photographer, or sponsor, can decide to change the rugged look for another set of shots. A prepared male model will be asked to do more work in the future.

Communicate with the Photographer

Experienced models know that a phone call with the photographer on the day before the shoot is essential for success. Important questions should be asked including:

• What to bring to the shoot
• Special clothing and grooming requirements
• Confirm the time and place
• Expected length of time for the shoot

Professional Approach

Models learn that surprises on the day of the shoot can cause the entire day to fail miserably. Planning and preparation ensures that the problems that can be anticipated will be avoided. Photographers appreciate models that have an understanding of the basic series of events that occurs on each shoot. The effort to prevent problems is appreciated, and the model will be contacted when new projects arise. Confirmation that the model’s personal approach is acceptable will be received when additional work is offered in the future.

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